Roman Lukyanenko

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Citizen science refers to voluntary participation by the general public in scientific endeavors. Although citizen science has a long tradition, the rise of online communities and user-generated web content has the potential to greatly expand its scope and contributions. Citizens spread across a large area will collect more information than an individual(More)
With the proliferation of crowdsourcing, improving the quality of user-generated data has become a major managerial concern. While traditional data quality research focused on structured data and corporate use, with the growing popularity of social networking, data created via the Internet is increasingly discretionary and heterogeneous. This paper explores(More)
ACM Reference Format: Roman Lukyanenko and Jeffrey Parsons. 2015. Information quality research challenge: Adapting information quality principles to user-generated content. Traditionally, information quality (IQ) research assumes organizational settings in which information production (e.g., internal, by external organizations/customers) is well-controlled(More)
Proliferation of personalization technologies online results in an increasingly large number of choices. In addition to the choice of products and services, a consumer is also faced with the choice of the recommendation technology itself. A recommendation agent (RA) is a mediator between a user and a vendor. Existing literature seems to focus on designing(More)