Roman Lukás

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This paper presents new models for generating matrix languages. These models are based on multigenerative grammar systems that simultaneously generate several strings in a parallel way. The components of these models are context-free grarrrmars, working in a general way. The rewritten nonterminals are determined by a finite set of nonterminal sequences. The(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY To examine the exact position of screws in anterior cervical fusion that were intended to be bicortically anchored at the time of surgery. MATERIAL A randomly selected, representative sample (26) of our patient series undergoing anterior cervical fusion with bicortical screw fixation (250) during period of 1993-1999 is reviewed in(More)
The authors suggest a new method of stabilization of upper thoracie spine (Th 2 -Th 5) by an internal fixator. A safe and precise insertion of screws into the vertebrae from the posterior approach is performed by CT guided surgery.The surgery is carried out in a CT examination room providing conditions corresponding to an operating theatre. Of vital(More)
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