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Boko Haram: The Development of a Militant Religious Movement in Nigeria
Since 2009, the radical Muslim movement in northern Nigeria known as Boko Haram has become widely known in Western media for both its militant actions and its ultra-fundamentalist programme. ThisExpand
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Between Social Skills and Marketable Skills
The present volume examines the development of Muslim traditions of reform in pre-colonial and colonial Zanzibar, focussing on patterns of cooperation between religious scholars and the BritishExpand
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African Muslim societies were characterised, in the 20th century, by the emergence of reformist movements that have gained, since the 1970s, major social, religious and political influence in aExpand
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L'Islam Ne Se Vend Plus: the Islamic Reform Movement and the State in Senegal1
L'objectif de cet article est d'illustrer, par l'exemple du Senegal, comment l'on peut integrer reforme islamique et mouvements d'opposition dans la structure politique et sociale d'une societe, etExpand
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Islamic Reform and Political Change in Northern Nigeria
The 1970s and 1980s were times of political and religious turmoil in Nigeria, characterized by governmental upheaval, and aggressive confrontations between the Sufi brotherhoods and the IzalaExpand
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Perceptions of Marginalization: Muslims in Contemporary Tanzania
African countries with Muslim populations can be divided into three categories. In countries of the first kind, such as Senegal, Muslims form a clear and undisputed majority of the population.Expand
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13. Playing with Affiliations: Muslims in Northern Nigeria in the 20th Century
L’expansion des affiliations translocales au Nigeria s’est accompagnee, depuis deux siecles, d’une expansion des reseaux translocaux fonctionnant a l’echelle locale a l’interieur d’une AfriqueExpand
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The Baraza A Grassroots Institution
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Muslim Societies in Africa: A Historical Anthropology
Preface and Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations Introduction: The Geographical and Anthropological Setting 1. Is there an African Islam? 2. The bild al-maghrib: Rebels, saints and heretics 3. TheExpand
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