Roman Leonhardt

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[1] The global paleointensity database is restricted by the high failure rate of paleointensity analyses. Excluding thermal alteration, failure is usually caused by the presence of multidomain grains and interactions among grains, two properties that can be identified using first-order reversal curve (FORC) diagrams. We measured FORC diagrams on sister(More)
Transmission system operators are responsible for secure and reliable operation of their grids. An important topic is the analysis of possible risks for the transmission system network and the system equipment. Triggered by unexpected audible noise at some HV transformers, investigations into the possible cause were started. These indicated that DC are(More)
Photonic crystal fibres (PCFs) can now be constructed exhibiting a wide range of dispersion profiles and nonlinearities, which have enabled the demonstration of many nonlinear optical phenomena. In our experiments, we have used a range of fibres with varying zero group velocity dispersion (GVD) points around the visible red pump wavelength. Upshifted(More)
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