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Given any complex Laurent polynomial f , Amoeba(f) is the image of its complex zero set under the coordinate-wise log absolute value map. We give an efficiently constructible polyhedral approximation, ArchTrop(f), of Amoeba(f), and derive explicit upper and lower bounds, solely as a function of the number of monomial terms of f , for the Hausdorff distance(More)
The accumulation and distribution of phosphorus radioisotope was studied in different brain areas of rats. These rats were desensitized by antigens of a whole homologous brain and its separate structures. A certain general tendency towards an accumulation of the brain phosphorus was detected after neurosensitization. Besides, in sensitization by separate(More)
In view of the result of Kontsevich, [5] now often called " the fundamental theorem of Vassiliev theory " , identifying the graded dual of the associated graded vector space to the space of Vassiliev invariants filtered by degree with the linear span of chord diagrams modulo the " 4T-relation " (and in the unframed case, originally considered in [7], [5],(More)
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