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This paper demonstrates optimal policies for capacitated serial multiechelon production/inventory systems. Extending the Clark and Scarf (1960) model to include installations with production capacity limits, we demonstrate that a modified echelon base-stock policy is optimal in a two-stage system when there is a smaller capacity at the downstream facility.(More)
In this paper, we address the optimal joint control of inventory and transshipment for a firm that produces in two locations and faces capacity uncertainty. Capacity uncertainty (e.g., due to downtime, quality problems, yield, etc.) is a common feature of many production systems but its effects have not been explored in the context of a firm that has(More)
For a single product, single-stage capacitated production-inventory model with stochas-tic, periodic (cyclic) demand, we nd the optimal policy and characterize some of its properties. We study the nite-horizon, the discounted innnite-horizon and the innnite-horizon average cases. A simulation based optimization method is provided to compute the optimal(More)
This paper models a type of vendor-managed inventory (VMI) agreement that occurs in practice called a (z, Z) contract. We investigate the savings due to better coordination of production and delivery facilitated by such an agreement. The optimal behavior of both the supplier and the retailer are characterized. The optimal replenishment and production(More)
Sublethal injury was noted in Escherichia coli after cells were exposed to solar radiation. Injury was detected by differential plate counts between complete and minimal media that were observed with sunlight-exposed cells but not with cells kept in the dark. Since addition of catalase or pyruvate to minimal medium overcame or repaired this injury, the(More)