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A currently popular trend in object detection and pattern recognition is usage of statistical classifiers, namely AdaBoost and its modifications. The speed performance of these classifiers largely depends on the low level image features they are using: both on the amount of information the feature provides and the executional time of its evaluation. Local(More)
This paper deals with automatic calibration of roadside surveillance cameras. We focus on parameters necessary for measurements in traffic-surveillance applications. Contrary to the existing solutions, our approach requires no a priori knowledge, and it works with a very wide variety of road settings (number of lanes, occlusion, quality of ground marking),(More)
In this paper we describe our experiments in all task of TRECVid 2008. This year, we have concentrated mainly on the local (affine covariant) image features and its transformation into a search-able form for the Content-based copy detection pilot together with the indexing and search techniques for the Search task and a practical test of the background(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel architecture of an engine for high performance multi-scale detection of objects in videos based on WaldBoost training algorithm. The key properties of the architecture include processing of streamed data and low resource consumption. We implemented the engine in FPGA and we show that it can process 640×480 pixel(More)
—In this paper, we focus on traffic camera calibration and visual speed measurement from a single monocular camera, which is an important task of visual traffic surveillance. Existing methods addressing this problem are hard to compare due to lack of a common dataset with reliable ground truth. Therefore, it is not clear how the methods compare in various(More)
We present an object detector coupled with pose estimation directly in a single compact and simple model, where the detector shares extracted image features with the pose estimator. The output of the classification of each candidate window consists of both object score and likelihood map of poses. This extension introduces negligible overhead during(More)
Bubble detection is a complicated tasks since varying lighting conditions changes considerably the appearance of bubbles in liquid. The two common techniques to detect circular objects such as bubbles, the geometry-based and appearance-based approaches, have their advantages and weaknesses. The geometry-based methods often fail to detect small blob-like(More)