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This paper aims to present the combination of chaotic signal and evolutionary algorithm to estimate the unknown parameters in five-dimension chaos synchronization system via the Pecora-Carroll method. The self-organizing migrating algorithm was used to estimate the unknown parameters. Based on the results from evolutionary algorithm, two identical chaotic(More)
This paper presents a novel method for visualizing the dynamics of evolutionary algorithms in the form of complex networks. We discuss the analogy between individuals in populations in an arbitrary evolutionary algorithm and vertices of a complex network, as well as between edges in a complex network and communication between individuals in a population.(More)
Recently emerged threat type of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). APTs continuously gather information and data on specific targets, using various attack techniques examine the vulnerabilities of the target and then perform the data obtained by hacking. APTs are very precise and intelligent. Perform specific attacks on specific targets, and so differs(More)
In this article the authors discuss a new method of the so-called complex networks dynamics and its visualization by means of so called coupled map lattices method. The main aim of this article is to investigate whether it is possible to visualize complex network dynamics by means of the same method that is used to model spatiotemporal chaos. The authors(More)