Roman J. Skoracki

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BACKGROUND Our ability to guide cells in biomaterials for in vivo bone repair is limited and requires novel strategies. Short-interfering RNA (siRNA) allows the regulation of multiple cellular pathways. Core binding factor alpha 1 (Cbfa1) and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) pathways can be modulated to direct bone formation via siRNA against guanine(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with facial cancers can experience disfigurement as they may undergo considerable appearance changes from their illness and its treatment. Individuals with difficulties adjusting to facial cancer are concerned about how others perceive and evaluate their appearance. Therefore, it is important to understand how humans perceive disfigured(More)
G iven that a woman can be a candidate for multiple medically appropriate methods of breast reconstruction, making a decision on which method to pursue can be a difficult one. 1 Nor-mative decision-making is a framework that could be used to help women make difficult decisions about breast reconstruction. Normative decision-making is an exhaustive,(More)
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