Roman Honig

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Hybrids between two human lymphoma lines, Raji and Daudi (8A) and Raji BJAB (83) were examined for genetically determined and/or differentiation-related surface markers. HL-A B ce-l alloantigens, Fc and complement receptors, EBV receptors and beta2 microglobulin showed an autonomous ("co-dominant") expression in the hybrid. This is in contrast to most(More)
F(ab')2 fragments of rabbit antibodies specific for human B lymphocytes will block human anti-B lymphocyte alloantibodies. F(ab')2 of anti-beta2m will block HLA alloantibodies. The F(ab')2 fragments can be used to improve the typing of B cell lines and certain leukemia cells which express both HLA and B lymphocyte alloantigens. Pretreatment of these cells(More)
A quadrupole-based secondary ion mass spectrometer designed for depth profiling is described which combines ultrahigh vacuum construction with high sputtering rate, detection sensitivity, depth resolution, mass spectral purity, and abundance sensitivity. Impurities such as B and Al implanted in Si can be profiled to levels below one part per million atomic(More)
— The paper describes an approach to design and construction of a galvanically isolated interface for an oscilloscope. The device has been drawn in two samples showing how helpful the galvanic isolation of the oscilloscope can be at certain service operations. The monitored signals are transferred by means of a capacitive coupling through an isolation(More)
Thirty-three of 34 cultured human lymphoblastoid B cell lines have been shown to express four out of five polymorphic non-HLA specificities expressed by normal B lymphocytes. The specificities were detected by 32 alloantisera produced by absorption with pooled platelets to remove HLA activity and selected from over 400 pregnancy sera. One B group (B2) which(More)