Roman Havlík

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BACKGROUND Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is emerging as a new therapeutic method for management of solid tumors. We report here our experience in the use of this technique for management of primary and secondary unresectable liver cancers. METHODS Thirty-five patients with liver cancers were considered not suitable for curative resection at presentation:(More)
SP600125, a specific inhibitor of c-Jun-N-Terminal kinase (JNK), was reported as a ligand and antagonist of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) [Joiakim A, Mathieu PA, Palermo C, Gasiewicz TA, Reiners Jr JJ. The Jun N terminal kinase inhibitor SP600125 is a ligand and antagonist of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Drug Metab Dispos 2003;31(11):1279-82]. Here we(More)
Hepatic hypoxia occurs during liver surgery and transplantation. The critical level associated with irreversible hepatocellular damage is unknown. Measurement of hepatic tissue oxygenation and hepatic vein oxygen partial pressure (HVPO(2)) reflects oxygen supply and consumption. Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) can be used to monitor hepatic oxyhaemoglobin(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Resection for hilar cholangiocarcinoma remains a challenging procedure and recent published results continue to show that few patients are cured of their disease. The objective of this review was to determine the results of radical resection and to identify factors associated with long-term survival. METHODOLOGY Retrospective review of(More)
Surgical resection remains the curative procedure for liver tumors, but even with improvements in method it is still a major operation with significant morbidity and mortality in experts' hands, and a long learning curve for those surgeons who undertake it. Recently radiofrequency ablation has gained some credibility as an alternative method of dealing with(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate long-term results of treatment of benign bile duct strictures. MATERIALS AND METHODS From February 1994 to November 2005, 21 patients (9 men, 12 women) with median age of 50.6 years (range 27-77 years) were indicated to percutaneous treatment of benign bile duct stricture. Stricture of hepatic ducts junction resulting from thermic(More)
1Department of Surgical Oncology & Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College; 2Ist Department of Surgery and Department of HaematoOncology, Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University; 3Basic Biomedical Science, Royal Free Hospital and University College Medical School; 4Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Westminster; 5Bioenvision, New(More)
Clinical studies were performed with a recombinant mutant adenovirus with an E1B 55-kDa deletion, dl1520, to assess its toxicity and efficacy in patients with irresectable primary and secondary liver tumors. A phase I study showed that dl1520 was well tolerated when administered directly intratumorally, intraarterially, or intravenously up to a dose of 3 x(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS E1B-deleted virus dl1520 (ONYX-015) has been previously used in clinical trials mainly for treatment of head and neck tumors, and has been shown to have beneficial effects independent of p53 status. The main aim of this investigation was to carry out a preclinical study for assessment of the use of dl1520 in in vitro and in vivo(More)