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The red laser-induced chlorophyll-fluorescence induction kinetics of predarkened leaf samples were registered simultaneously in the 690 and 730 nm regions i.e., in the region of the two chlorophyll fluorescence emission maxima. From the induction kinetics the chlorophyll fluorescence ratio F690/F730 was calculated. The ratio F690/F730 shows to be dependent(More)
This paper presents a novel framework for easy creation of interactive, platform-independent voiceservices with an animated 3D talking-head interface, on mobile phones. The Framework supports automated multi-modal interaction using speech and 3D graphics. The difficulty of synchronizing the audio stream to the animation is examined and alternatives for(More)
Multimodal interaction represents a more natural style of human-computer interaction permitting our developed communicative skills to interact with computer systems. It remains a challenging task to design reliable multimodal systems. Employing advanced methods providing optimal performance depends on precise modeling of integration patterns that allows(More)
Voice modality has a great potential to enrich standard WWW user experience, offer higher efficiency and overcome limits of visually impaired users. However, creating voice driven applications is currently complicated due to requirements of specific software and skills. To overcome this, we propose a novel architecture for large scale development and(More)
Multimodal interaction has been proven as a key to more natural and flexible human-computer interaction. Research of multimodal fusion algorithms still remains highly dependent on usability testing as the only option for their proper evaluation. Usability testing is, however, a very demanding task with many drawbacks hindering further research of advanced(More)
While researchers have focused primarily on accuracy when addressing multimodal input segmentation, response time (or latency) has been rather overlooked in their work, despite its unquestionable importance. We propose a method of the input segmentation through integration pattern modeling that provides a significant improvement in response time over the(More)
Multimodal human-computer interaction combining multiple input modalities is the key for permitting our highly skilled and coordinated communicative behavior to control computer systems in flexible and natural manner. In this paper a multimodal interaction platform, called Manitou, is presented. The platform empowers researchers and developers to employ(More)
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