Roman Grinberg

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Although the mortality from bariatric surgery is low, perioperative determinants of morbidity and mortality in the bariatric surgery population to date have not been fully defined. This study aimed to evaluate the factors capable of predicting perioperative mortality based on preoperative characteristics with a national patient sample. From the American(More)
AIM To report our experience with penile girth augmentation using liquid injectable silicone. METHODS Between August 2003 and July 2006, 324 men (mean age 35 years, range 19-65 years) received a series of liquid silicone subcutaneous injections between the penile skin and the corpora cavernosa on the dorsal and lateral aspects of the penile shaft, under(More)
Without maintaining that it always follows the same steps, we could say that the migratory process passes through several phases. The feelings that prevail are those of intense sorrow for all that has been abandoned or lost, fear of the unknown, and the very profound experiences of loneliness, privation, and helplessness. Paranoid, confusional, and(More)
Turkey meningoencephalitis (TME) is a paralytic epornitic disease of turkeys caused by turkey meningoencephalitis virus (TMEV), an arthopod-borne flavivirus belonging to the Ntaya serogroup VI. A TMEV specific RT-PCR was compared with classical techniques for TMEV diagnosis, which include virus isolation in 8-day-old chicken embryonated eggs and suckling(More)
We present a feasibility study of low-voltage drives based on double-side cooled power modules. A novel press-pack module was developed and an inverter was built up subsequently. The drive was benchmarked with a 400 kW AC industrial inverter. A significant increase of the current density and output power was achieved.