Roman E. Suvorov

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Review is dedicated to the problem of remote monitoring of health status. Existing approaches to the organization of an outdoor monitoring of a patient using telemedicine technologies are reviewed and analyzed. A new approach to risk management of a patient which meets the requirements of pediatric hospital is provided.
Dendritic cells (DCs) vaccination is a promising way to contend cancer metastases especially in the case of immunogenic tumors. Unfortunately, it is only rarely possible to achieve a satisfactory clinical outcome in the majority of patients treated with a particular DC vaccine. Apparently, DC vaccination can be successful with certain combinations of(More)
This paper presents the results of a research study that explores the methods of analysis of unstructured text information. A new method that is applied to determine the similarity of scientific and technological documents based on the thematic significance feature is proposed. The results that were obtained using several modifications of the existing(More)
Increasing amount of scientific publications makes it difficult to conduct a comprehensive review and objectively compare results of previous researches. In some areas of research it is also difficult to extract regularities without computer aid due to complexity of experimental setup and results. Cancer treatment using dendritic cell vaccines is such an(More)
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