Roman D. Gorbunov

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Various aspects of the ab initio-based parametrization of an exciton model of amide I vibrations in peptides are discussed. Adopting "glycine dipeptide" (Ac-Gly-NHCH3) as a simple building-block model that describes the vibrational interaction between two peptide units, we perform comprehensive quantum-chemical calculations to investigate the effect and(More)
A quantum-classical description of the amide I vibrational spectrum of trialanine cation in D2O is given that combines (i) a classical molecular dynamics simulation of the conformational distribution of the system, (ii) comprehensive density functional theory calculations of the conformation-dependent and solvent-induced frequency fluctuations, and (iii) a(More)
Employing nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, a comprehensive computational study of the photoinduced conformational dynamics of a photoswitchable bicyclic azobenzene octapeptide is presented. The calculation of time-dependent probability distributions along various global and local reaction coordinates reveals that the conformational(More)
There are many long-term missions that are performed by small crews in isolation. As examples we can mention missions performed on the international space station, polar research stations, submarines, oil platforms, meteorological stations and etc. Success of such missions strongly depends on emotional states of the crew members as well as on interpersonal(More)
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