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Polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN) counts, plasma activity inducing PMN aggregation, augmenting PMN adherence and chemotactic activity were estimated during hemodialysis (HD) with cuprophane membranes. All these plasma activities are accepted as related to the presence of activated complement (C). The same estimations were made for hemodialyzed patients(More)
Computed tomography of the upper abdomen and of the heart was performed in 21 patients with severe anemia (mean haematocrit value 0.23, mean haemoglobin content 39.6%). Gross morphology of the heart and great vessels (wall thickness, size of the chambers, lumina and walls of the vessels) were visualized in all patients without the use of contrast media. The(More)
Following the successful introduction of robotic surgery to the field of urology and gynecology, its use gained even more interest among those in the field of colorectal surgery. Rectal resection is believed to be among the best suited for robotic assistance. In particular, the right hemicolectomy procedure has been proposed as a training tool in order to(More)
The intraperitoneal distribution of fluid and its detectability with a CT scanning were investigated in 13 patients during infusion of dialysate for peritoneal dialysis. An ascending pattern of spread i.e. from the lesser pelvis through the inframesocolic compartment to the supramesocolic compartment prevailed. Accumulation of fluid in the perihepatic space(More)
The reported investigations showed that riboflavin in a concentration of 5.0 X 10(-5)M penetrates across erythrocyte membrane and that the intensity of this process depends on the incubation time. ATP added to the incubation medium to a concentration of 10(-6)M or glucose in a 10(-3)M concentration enhanced riboflavin transport across the membrane. In(More)
Plasma activity inducing polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) aggregation, augmenting PMN adherence, plasma chemotactic activity as well as peripheral PMN count were estimated in patients during cardiopulmonary bypass. In the course of the surgical procedure the chemotactic activity and the activity inducing PMN aggregation were detected in plasma. The top(More)
The study has been carried out on 72 fatteners being the offspring of crossbreed sows x Pietrain boars (group I) and hybrid boars of the ♂ Pietrain x ♀ Duroc breeds (group II) and, on the ♀ Duroc x ♂ Pietrain breed (group III). In m. longissimus dorsi, the content of dry matter, protein, intramuscular fat and total cholesterol has been determined. In the(More)
The phagocytic activity and bactericidal capacity of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) were evaluated in patients with advanced chronic renal failure. The studies were made in patients undergoing hemodialysis, maintenance peritoneal dialysis as well as in nondialysed patients. Evaluations were carried out by using of the recently described fluorochrome(More)