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In this paper we describe a multi-dimensional framework for knowledge maturing and learning. The framework consists of seven dimensions and supports the assessment of the knowledge management as-is-state in a company as well as the selection of appropriate approaches and methods for a further improvement. The paper also discusses the relationship to(More)
We introduce a new approach supporting knowledge workers in sharing process-related knowledge. It is based on the insight that-while offering valuable context information-traditional business process modelling approaches are too rigid and inflexible to capture the actual way processes are executed. Therefore, business process models are made agile and open(More)
1 1 This work has been conducted within the EU-funded Integrating Project MATURE (grant no. 216346) which investigates knowledge maturing as new form of learning in businesses and organisations, a dynamic view one-learning and knowledge management. ABSTRACT In this paper, we describe an approach for agile business process execution and its developed(More)
For a long time I have asserted that psychologists should be used in different and wider avenues than they are currently, which limit the tasks and potentialities of psychologists. Psychology is a ductile tool, that besides psychotherapy, sociological and statistical analysis can give answers and solutions in several areas. The Community Psychology approach(More)
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