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This experiment tested predictions derived from a social contingency model of judgment and choice that identifies 3 distinctive strategies that people rely on in dealing with demands for accountability from important interpersonal or institutional audiences. The model predicts that (a) when people know the views of the audience and are unconstrained by past(More)
This research demonstrated that accountability can not only reduce judgmental bias, but also exacerbate it--in this case, the dilution effect. Ss made predictions from either diagnostic information alone or diagnostic information plus mixtures of additional data (nondiagnostic information, additional diagnostic data pointing to either the same conclusion or(More)
A key milestone for the next generation of high-performance multifunctional microelectronic devices is the monolithic integration of high-mobility materials with Si technology. The use of Ge instead of Si as a basic material in nanoelectronics would need homogeneous p- and n-type doping with high carrier densities. Here we use ion implantation followed by(More)
The nonlinear optical property of topological insulator bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) is found to be well-tailored through ion irradiation by intentionally introducing defects. The increase of the optical modulation depth sensitively depends on the careful selection of the irradiation condition. By implementing the ion irradiated Bi2Se3 film as an optical(More)
We investigated how to control the growth of vertically aligned graphene on C-face SiC by varying the processing conditions. It is found that, the growth rate scales with the annealing temperature and the graphene height is proportional to the annealing time. Temperature gradient and crystalline quality of the SiC substrates influence their vaporization.(More)
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