Roman Bartusiak

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Feed intake and feed efficiency of beef cattle are economically relevant traits. The study was conducted to identify QTL for feed intake and feed efficiency of beef cattle by using genotype information from 100 microsatellite markers and 355 SNP genotyped across 400 progeny of 20 Angus, Charolais, or Alberta Hybrid bulls. Traits analyzed include feedlot(More)
Feed intake and feed efficiency are economically important traits in beef cattle because feed is the greatest variable cost in production. Feed efficiency can be measured as feed conversion ratio (FCR, intake per unit gain) or residual feed intake (RFI, measured as DMI corrected for BW and growth rate, and sometimes a measure of body composition, usually(More)
Motivated by a specific manufacturing problem in 1990, Exxon Chemical Company embarked on the development of a nonlinear multivariable model-based predictive controller. The controller’s evolution has included collaboration among academic researchers, engineers from industry, and process control software vendors. The resulting control algorithm was patented(More)
GitHub is one of the most commonly used web-based code repository hosting service. Majority of projects hosted on GitHub are really small but, on the other hand, developers spend most of their time working in medium to large repositories. Developers can freely join and leave projects following their current needs and interests. Based on real data collected(More)
A method for sentiment polarity assignment for textual content written in Polish using supervised machine learning approach with transfer learning scheme is proposed in the paper. It has been shown that performing simple natural language processing steps prior to classification, provides inspiring results without redundant computation overhead. The(More)
A complex nature of big data resources demands new methods for structuring especially for textual content. WordNet is a good knowledge source for comprehensive abstraction of natural language as its good implementations exist for many languages. Since WordNet embeds natural language in the form of a complex network, a transformation mechanism WordNet2Vec is(More)
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