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UNLABELLED Mass spectrometry (MS)-based protein quantitation is increasingly being employed to verify candidate protein biomarkers. Multiple or selected reaction monitoring-mass spectrometry (MRM-MS or SRM-MS) with isotopically labeled internal standards has proven to be a successful approach in that regard, but has yet to reach its full potential in terms(More)
When prognostic indexes have been tested in a second population, they have often performed less well. Since this is believed to be inevitable, methodologic differences that may explain the discrepancies have been overlooked. Data from a prospective study of 232 patients undergoing noncardiac surgery were used to examine the effect of methodologic(More)
Accurate cancer biomarkers are needed for early detection, disease classification, prediction of therapeutic response and monitoring treatment. While there appears to be no shortage of candidate biomarker proteins, a major bottleneck in the biomarker pipeline continues to be their verification by enzyme linked immunosorbent assays. Multiple reaction(More)
The authors propose a prototype for the development of anorexia nervosa on the basis of a series of clinical interviews with 11 women with this disorder. Grounded Theory analysis of the narrative data-generated themes suggested the following prototype: Women with the personality characteristics of compliance and perfectionism who are encouraged by families(More)
A cross-sectional study of 120 male workers was conducted to determine the prevalence of increased polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) absorption as well as the presence of potentially related clinical and metabolic abnormalities. Three exposure categories ("exposed", "nominally exposed", "nonexposed") were defined. Complete work histories, clinical histories,(More)
To accurately assess the health knowledge, attitudes, and practices of students in grades four-seven, the staff of the School Health Education Evaluation (SHEE) project devoted extensive effort to identify a test appropriate for such assessment. An extensive literature review failed to produce an instrument sufficiently comprehensive or psychometrically(More)