Romain Serizel

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Most of digital signal processing applications are specified and designed with floatingpoint arithmetic but are finally implemented using fixed-point architectures. Thus, the design flow requires a floating-point to fixed-point conversion stage which optimizes the implementation cost under execution time and accuracy constraints. This accuracy constraint is(More)
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This paper presents low-rank approximation based multichannel Wiener filter algorithms for noise reduction in speech plus noise scenarios, with application in cochlear implants. In a single speech source scenario, the frequency-domain autocorrelation matrix of the speech signal is often assumed to be a rank-1 matrix, which then allows to derive different(More)
This paper analyses the output signal-to-noise ratio for a standard noise reduction scheme and for an integrated active noise control and noise reduction scheme, both applied in the hearing aid framework including the effects of signal leakage through an open fitting and secondary path effects. In particular, a standard noise reduction scheme based on the(More)