Romain Mellier

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This paper presents distributed broadcast algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc NETworks (MANETs for short) with unknown time-varying topology. The first one is an improvement of a protocol of Basagni, Bruschi and Chlamtac (1999), solving in an other way the problem of sharing communication channels. The second one introduces a technique inspired by the Magic Packet(More)
This paper presents a simple mutual exclusion algorithm for ad hoc mobile networks. Our algorithm does not use the token circulation technique. A station which requests a Critical Section (CS) competes in order to be alone to use the unique channel dedicated to this CS. To reach this goal, we derive a Markov process which guarantees that each station will(More)
Obtaining a hierarchical organization of a network is a well-known and studied problem of distributed computing. It has been proved effective in the solution of several problems such as, minimizing the amount of storage for communication information. In this paper, we derive a clustering token-based mutual exclusion algorithm for multi-hop mobile ad hoc(More)
Previous mutual exclusion (MUTEX for short) protocols for mobile ad hoc networks are based on the token circulation technique. They assume that the network is reliable to avoid starvation. Considering that the MUTEX issue is to share a communication channel, we have designed an average-case-analysis protocol for single-hop networks which is based on the(More)
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