Romain Kuntz

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This paper applies the Named Data Networking (NDN) concept to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. Specifically, we develop a simple traffic information dissemination application based on the data naming design from our previous work and evaluate its performance through simulations. Our simulation results show that data names can greatly facilitate the(More)
Vehicular networking is becoming reality. Today vehicles use TCP/IP to communicate with centralized servers through cellular networks. However many vehicular applications, such as information sharing for safety and real time traffic purposes, desire direct V2V communications which is difficult to achieve using the existing solutions. This paper explores the(More)
Although research on algorithms and communication protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has yielded a tremendous effort so far, most of these protocols are hardly used in real deployments nowadays. Several reasons have been put forward in recent publications. In this paper, we further investigate this trend from a Medium Access Control (MAC)(More)
A multihomed node has several paths with its correspondent, maintained by several multihoming protocols. The decision to route a packet over a specific path relies on filter rules, which result from the comparison between the path's characteristics and the user policy. Multihoming protocols or their implementations provide various user interfaces to(More)
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In this paper, we explain how an IPv6 temporary network can be easily deployed using NEMO basic support, while keeping usual network requirements such as load balancing and fault-tolerance using multiple care-of addresses registration, and easy administration with policy exchange mechanisms. We detail a scenario and its feasibility is endorsed by the(More)
The medium access control being the main source of energy wastage in wireless sensor networks, energy-efficiency is always kept in mind while designing the communication stack. Especially, versatile preamble-sampling MAC protocols emerged to offer a suitable solution over multiple deployment characteristics. For instance, some works have targeted burst(More)