Romain Jacob

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Over the last decade, opacity of discrete event systems (DES) has become a very fertile field of research. Driven by safety and privacy concerns in network communications and online services, much theoretical work has been conducted in order to design opaque systems. A system is opaque if an external observer in unable to infer a " secret " about the system(More)
—One big challenge to be overcome before the successful deployment of wireless cyber-physical systems is to provide hard real-time guarantees, not only within the wireless network, but in fact between end-to-end application processes. To achieve this, we design a distributed real-time protocol (DRP) that considers the complete transmission chain, including(More)
—In cyber-physical systems (CPS), the communication among the sensing, actuating, and computing elements is often subject to hard real-time constraints. Real-time communication among wireless network interfaces and real-time scheduling for complex, dynamic applications have been intensively studied. Despite these major efforts, there is still a significant(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to present a new path planning framework, called <i>directPath</i>, aimed to handle a priori environment knowledge efficiently. Our algorithm is an expert system designed to specifically exploit that knowledge, and then eventually collaborate with other frameworks in order to improve overall path planning performances. It(More)
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