Romain Jacob

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Over the last decade, opacity of discrete event systems (DES) has become a very fertile field of research. Driven by safety and privacy concerns in network communications and online services, much theoretical work has been conducted in order to design opaque systems. A system is opaque if an external observer in unable to infer a " secret " about the system(More)
—One big challenge to be overcome before the successful deployment of wireless cyber-physical systems is to provide hard real-time guarantees, not only within the wireless network, but in fact between end-to-end application processes. To achieve this, we design a distributed real-time protocol (DRP) that considers the complete transmission chain, including(More)
—In cyber-physical systems (CPS), the communication among the sensing, actuating, and computing elements is often subject to hard real-time constraints. Real-time communication among wireless network interfaces and real-time scheduling for complex, dynamic applications have been intensively studied. Despite these major efforts, there is still a significant(More)
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