Romain H. Lacombe

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This paper provides an overview of the current status of development of the Canadian oil sands industry, and considers possible paths of further development. We outline the key technology alternatives, critical resource inputs and environmental challenges and strategic options both at the company and government level. We develop a model to calculate the(More)
Pour leur soutien et leur amour, je remercie mes parents et ma soeur Marine. Si je suis ici aujourd'hui c'est grâcè a eux. Finalement, je remercie Sabrina, ma femme. Elle m'a soutenu durant toute la thèse et son amour a ´ eté bienfaiteur et salutaire, encore plus lors des derniers mois de la thèse. ii Résumé Les diaphragmes utilisés comme organes de perte(More)
Norethandrolone (NE) and other androgenic steroids have been shown to be renotropic in various species and have also been reported to have salutary effects in patients with diminished renal function. Renal cortical slices prepared from rats pretreated with NE showed an increased capability to concentrate p-aminohippuric acid (PAH). Pretreatment with NE(More)
An experimental investigation of the parameters controlling the whistling frequency and amplitude of an orifice in a confined turbulent flow is undertaken. A circular single hole orifice with sharp edges, a hole diameter equal to 0.015 m and a thickness equal to 0.005 m, is arranged in an air test rig with an inner diameter equal to 0.03 m. The Mach number(More)
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