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INTRODUCTION The objectives of the present study are to describe gender differences in factors associated with moderate risk and problem gambling. METHOD Data were extracted from the 2010 Health Barometer, a large survey on a representative sample of the general population aged 15-85 years living in France (n=27,653), carried out by the National Institute(More)
National level smoke-free legislation is implemented to protect the public from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke (SHS). The first aim of this study was to investigate how successful the smoke-free hospitality industry legislation in Ireland (March 2004), France (January 2008), the Netherlands (July 2008), and Germany (between August 2007 and July 2008)(More)
BACKGROUND As exposure to tobacco smoke pollution (TSP) has been identified as a cause of premature death and disease in non-smokers, and studies have demonstrated that smoking in cars produces high levels of TSP, this study will investigate smokers' rules for smoking in their cars, and predictors of car smoking rules, including potentially modifiable(More)
Exceptionally high incidence rates of thyroid cancer are observed in New Caledonia, particularly in Melanesian women. To investigate further the etiology of thyroid cancer and to clarify the reasons of this elevated incidence, the authors conducted a countrywide population-based case-control study in this multiethnic population. The study included 332 cases(More)
OBJECTIVES Many countries rely on opportunistic screening, and data on its effectiveness are asked for. We assessed the impact on cervical cancer incidence and mortality of opportunistic screening compared with organized screening. SETTING Women aged 30-64 in Denmark, 1973-2002; 16 counties with different screening strategies. METHODS Cumulative(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing evidence suggests an association between short sleep with adverse health outcomes: obesity, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. But there are few or no data on "who these short sleepers are" in the general population. OBJECTIVES To describe short sleepers and the associated sleep disorders in young adults. METHODS Cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking cessation advice from health care providers (HCP) is well-known to be associated with increased quitting. This study sought to understand the extent to which smokers in France who visited a HCP around the time of the implementation of the national ban on smoking received encouragement to quit from a HCP and what kinds of intervention were(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure changes in prevalence and predictors of home smoking bans (HSBs) among smokers in four European countries after the implementation of national smoke-free legislation. DESIGN Two waves of the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project Europe Surveys, which is a prospective panel study. Pre- and post-legislation data were(More)
Le téléphone a permis de nombreux progrès dans les enquêtes relevant des sciences sociales et de la santé publique. Les enquêtes téléphoniques sont en effet moins coûteuses, plus faciles à encadrer et plus rapides que les enquêtes en face-à-face. Néanmoins, leurs concepteurs sont désormais confrontés à différents types de populations : les abonnés au(More)
BACKGROUND Data from large nationally representative samples are needed to provide the empirical foundation to inform health policies for the prevention of suicide risk and risk behaviors in men and women. METHODS Data were extracted from the 2010 Health Barometer, a large telephone survey on a representative sample of the general population aged 15-85(More)