Romain Guignard

François Beck4
Thomas Saïas2
Enguerrand du Roscoät2
Stéphane Legleye2
4François Beck
2Thomas Saïas
2Enguerrand du Roscoät
2Stéphane Legleye
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BACKGROUND Psychological distress (PD) in students is under-investigated, since its prevalence can be high in certain subgroups of students and it has been seen to be associated with other mental health issues and academic achievement. In a sample of French college students, this study investigated factors associated with PD, and looked more closely at the(More)
OBJECTIVE Few studies on elders' suicide and depression have integrated social and community factors in their explicative models. Most of the studied variables used are focused on individual and based on psychopathological models. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of socio-environmental factors on death ideations, using data from the(More)
This paper explores the DSM-IV latent structure of cannabis users (especially its invariance towards gender and age) and assesses the psychometric properties of the Cannabis Abuse Screening Test (CAST) by confrontation with the theoretical diagnoses [dependence and cannabis use disorders (CUD)] and the latent class structure of the DSM-IV. The random sample(More)
OBJECTIVES It is crucial for policy makers to monitor the evolution of tobacco smoking prevalence. In France, this monitoring is based on a series of cross-sectional general population surveys, the Health Barometers, conducted every five years and based on random samples. A methodological study has been carried out to assess the reliability of a monitoring(More)
Sludge minimization by thermal treatment within activated sludge process was investigated at pilot scale. A 90°C treatment was set up in the return activated sludge loop. When keeping apparent sludge age at 15 days, 90°C treatment decreased sludge production by 30.4%. However, effluent quality was altered. A sludge minimization ASM1 based model was set up(More)
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