Romain Ferragut

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The precise measurement of forces is one way to obtain deep insight into the fundamental interactions present in nature. In the context of neutral antimatter, the gravitational interaction is of high interest, potentially revealing new forces that violate the weak equivalence principle. Here we report on a successful extension of a tool from atom(More)
The main goal of the AEgIS experiment at CERN is to test the weak equivalence principle for antimatter. We will measure the Earth's gravitational acceleration g with antihydrogen atoms being launched in a horizontal vacuum tube and traversing a moiré deflectometer. We intend to use a position sensitive device made of nuclear emulsions (combined with a(More)
Rights: © 2007 American Physical Society (APS). This is the accepted version of the following article: Folegati, P. & Makkonen, I. & Ferragut, R. & Puska, Martti J. 2007. Analysis of electron-positron momentum spectra of metallic alloys as supported by first-principles calculations. Physical Review B. Volume 75, Issue 5. 054201/1-10. ISSN 1550-235X(More)
S. Aghion,1,2 C. Amsler,3 A. Ariga,3 T. Ariga,3 G. Bonomi,4,5 P. Bräunig,6 J. Bremer,7 R. S. Brusa,8,9 L. Cabaret,10 M. Caccia,2,11 R. Caravita,12,13 F. Castelli,2,14 G. Cerchiari,15 K. Chlouba,16 S. Cialdi,2,14 D. Comparat,10 G. Consolati,1,2 A. Demetrio,6 L. Di Noto,12,13 M. Doser,7 A. Dudarev,7 A. Ereditato,3 C. Evans,1,2 R. Ferragut,1,2 J. Fesel,7 A.(More)
Rights: © 2005 American Physical Society (APS). This is the accepted version of the following article: Calloni, A. & Dupasquier, A. & Ferragut, R. & Folegati, P. & Iglesias, M. M. & Makkonen, I. & Puska, Martti J. 2005. Positron localization effects on the Doppler broadening of the annihilation line: Aluminum as a case study. Physical Review B. Volume 72,(More)
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