Romain Desplats

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This paper presents an experimental comparison of laser beam based techniques applied to a case study concerning ESD defect location. Thermal laser stimulation and non-biased optical beam induced current techniques are evaluated and discussed. Experimental results demonstrate the advantages and weak points of the two approaches. 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd.(More)
Faster defect localization is achieved by combining IC simulations and internal measurements. Time resolved photon emission records photons emitted during commutations (current) rather than determining the voltage states. Comparing measured waveforms with simulations (STIL/VCD) localizes functional faults and timing issues. Summary Software diagnosis makes(More)
After a brief review of light emission in field effect transistors, we extract some electrical and physical parameters linked to the emission of photons such as V/sub DD/ and channel length. Using 120 nm technology structures (nMOS, pMOS, inverters, etc.) we compare emissions with the following detectors: CCD, MCT for static emission, PICA, SiAPD and SSPD(More)