Romain Colle

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This paper presents Oracle Database Replay, a novel approach to testing changes to the relational database management system component of an information system (software upgrades, hardware changes etc). Database Replay makes it possible to subject a test system to a real production system workload, which helps identify all potential problems before(More)
Oracle Database Replay provides a new way to test changes to a database system by reproducing the real user workload in a test environment. It helps to identify potential problems after software or hardware upgrades, patches, or changes to database parameters, schema or data. Any interesting workload period of a production database system can be captured(More)
Oracle Database Replay has been recently introduced in Oracle 11g as a novel tool to test relational database systems [9]. It involves recording the workload running on the database server in a production system, and subsequently replaying it on the database server in a test system. A key feature of workload replay that enables realistic reproduction of a(More)
This paper presents the Oracle solution for database testing delivered in the Oracle 11g Database Real Application Testing option. The first feature, the SQL Performance Analyzer, performs unit testing of the SQL of a production workload. The second feature, Database Replay, makes it possible to subject a test system to a real production system workload.(More)
BACKGROUND Concerning the risk of antidepressant induced liver injury, it is not clear whether psychiatrists perform a liver function test (LFT) and whether an increase in aminotransferase levels should contraindicate antidepressant treatment. AIM To evaluate LFT availability, the prevalence of LFT abnormalities and the probable cause of an altered LFT in(More)
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