Romain Casati

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Thin elastic filaments in real world such as vine tendrils, hair ringlets or curled ribbons often depict a very smooth, curved shape that low-order rod models --- e.g., segment-based rods --- fail to reproduce accurately and compactly. In this paper, we push forward the investigation of high-order models for thin, inextensible elastic rods by building the(More)
Cloth dynamics plays a major role in the visual appearance of moving characters. Properly accounting for frictional contact is of utmost importance to avoid cloth-body penetration and to capture folding behavior due to dry friction. We present here the first method able to account for contact with exact Coulomb friction between a cloth and the underlying(More)
In this supplemental material we highlight on a simple 2D study case how catastrophic cancellation shows up when integrating an explicit linear ODE with power series expansions. We take as a study case a simple 2D Cauchy problem on SO(2) on which catastrophic cancellation occurs when naively computing the sum of the series, and we explain in detail how to(More)
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