Romain Caillard

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The use of succinylated β-lactoglobulin as a novel functional tablet excipient for the protection of probiotic bacteria against the adverse gastric conditions and their delivery in the intestine was studied. Tablets were produced by direct compression of a dry mixture of Bifidobacterium longum HA-135 and the tested excipient. The results showed that tablets(More)
This study focused on amino cross-linking as means of forming soy protein hydrogels with modifiable properties. The efficiency of glyceraldehyde, a potential food-grade cross-linking agent, was compared to glutaraldehyde, a well-known dialdehyde. The influence of the concentration of these agents on the degree of cross-linking as well as macroscopic and(More)
The oral pathway is considered as the most common method for drug administration, although many drugs, especially the highly pH- and/or enzymatic biodegradable peptide drugs, are very difficult to formulate and achieve a good intestinal absorption. Efficient systematic absorption of an active substance, delivered via oral ingestion, is only achievable if(More)
Although the intestinal microbial community is still incompletely understood, there is strong evidence of the benefits of using probiotics to address some medical states or conditions. As a result, the probiotics oral supplements market has exploded during the last few years. However, while their sensitivity to gastric juices, acidic pH and bile is well(More)
The impact of succinylation on soy proteins as excipients for delayed delivery of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract was studied. Succinylation decreased protein solubility and protein charge density at pH 1.2 and increased solubility and zeta potential at pH above 4.5. Tablet erosion and swelling were decreased at pH 1.2 and increased at pH 7.5. FTIR(More)
Efficiency of a new protein-based enteric coating for capsules was studied. Coating physical-chemical properties were compared to those obtained from a well-known methacrylate-based enteric coating (Eudragit). Swelling in simulated gastric fluid (SGF) was 20 times higher than for Eudragit films. Mechanical properties (elastic modulus, elongation and(More)
Succinylated β-lactoglobulin (S-β-lg) was previously shown to be efficient as new excipient for the formation of enteric tablets, suitable for several applications including probiotics delivery. This work investigates the mechanisms leading to S-β-lg tablets delayed release. Release kinetics were evaluated in vitro. Fourier transformed infra red(More)
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