Romain Bertrand

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—Paper documents still represent a large amount of information supports used nowadays and may contain critical data. Even though official documents are secured with techniques such as printed patterns or artwork, paper documents suffer from a lack of security. However, the high availability of cheap scanning and printing hardware allows non-experts to(More)
The development of feeding behaviour in European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) was studied using nine fawns, from birth to 1.5 months. They were offered individually, seven plant species in random order, one at a time, and their feeding behaviour recorded. The results were compared to the behaviour of eight adults offered the same plants, which were chosen(More)
Biodiversity changes are lagging behind current climate warming. The underlying determinants of this climatic debt are unknown and yet critical to understand the impacts of climate change on the present biota and improve forecasts of biodiversity changes. Here we assess determinants of climatic debt accumulated in French forest herbaceous plant communities(More)
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