Romain Bara-Maillet

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Dielectric resonators are key elements in many applications in micro to millimeter wave circuits, including ultra-narrow band filters and frequency-determining components for precision frequency synthesis. Distributed-layered and bulk low-loss crystalline and polycrystalline dielectric structures have become very important for building these devices. Proper(More)
We report on the development of a characterization system and calibration procedure for a bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator using a bulk metal foil resistor operated at temperatures as low as tens of millikelvin. The 50resistor demonstrated extremely good stability and small drift at a temperature of 50 mK, with the resistance varying by 1.5% between room(More)
We report on the phase noise measurement of a millimeter-wave synthesis chain developed for a continuous wave (CW) source exhibiting high frequency stability. We quantify the performance of each multiplication stage in terms of phase spectral purity. From the initial cryogenic sapphire oscillator generating 12.97 GHz, a total multiplication factor of eight(More)
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