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There are different views about the amount and timing of surface uplift in the Transantarctic Mountains and the geophysical mechanisms involved. Our new interpretation of the landscape volution and tectonic history of the Dry Valleys area of the Transantarctic Mountains i based on geomorphic mapping of an area of 10,000 km 2. The landforms are dated mainly(More)
Determine a non-myopic solution to the sequential decision making problem of monitoring and optimising a space and time dependent function using a moving sensor. Contributions: Sequential Bayesian Optimisation (SBO) Formulate SBO as a Partially Observed Markov Decision Process (POMDP). Find non-mypic solution for the POMDP analog of SBO using Monte-Carlo(More)
A key challenge for long-term autonomy is to enable a robot to automatically model properties of the environment while actively searching for better decisions to accomplish its task. This amounts to the problem of exploration-exploitation in the context of active perception. This paper addresses active perception and presents a technique to incrementally(More)
Environmental Monitoring (EM) is typically performed using sensor networks that collect measurements in predefined static locations. The possibility of having one or more autonomous robots to perform this task increases versatility and reduces the number of necessary sensor nodes to cover the same area. However, several problems arise when making use of(More)
Environmental monitoring with mobile robots requires solving the informative path planning problem. A key challenge is how to compute a continuous path over space and time that will allow a robot to best sample the environment for an initially unknown phenomenon. To address this problem we devise a layered Bayesian Optimisation approach that uses two(More)
The presence in the environment of diaminopimelic acid (DAP), a specific eubacterial marker, can be attributed to that of bacteria. We report a reliable and highly sensitive method for the quantification of DAP in calcareous rocks. It consists of acid hydrolysis of rock powder, purification of DAP by chromatography on Dowex 50W and Spherogel AA-NA+ columns,(More)
We propose a novel holistic approach for safe autonomous exploration and map building based on constrained Bayesian optimisation. This method finds optimal continuous paths instead of discrete sensing locations that inherently satisfy motion and safety constraints. Evaluating both the objective and constraints functions requires forward simulation of(More)