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Determine a non-myopic solution to the sequential decision making problem of monitoring and optimising a space and time dependent function using a moving sensor. Contributions: Sequential Bayesian Optimisation (SBO) Formulate SBO as a Partially Observed Markov Decision Process (POMDP). Find non-mypic solution for the POMDP analog of SBO using Monte-Carlo(More)
A key challenge for long-term autonomy is to enable a robot to automatically model properties of the environment while actively searching for better decisions to accomplish its task. This amounts to the problem of exploration-exploitation in the context of active perception. This paper addresses active perception and presents a technique to incrementally(More)
Environmental monitoring with mobile robots requires solving the informative path planning problem. A key challenge is how to compute a continuous path over space and time that will allow a robot to best sample the environment for an initially unknown phenomenon. To address this problem we devise a layered Bayesian Optimisation approach that uses two(More)
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