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INTRODUCTION Underreporting of smoking in epidemiologic studies is common and may constitute a validity problem, leading to biased association measures. In this prospective study, we validated self-reported tobacco use against nicotine exposure assessed by plasma cotinine in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa). METHODS The study was based(More)
Hormonal mechanisms have been offered as an explanation for the higher frequency of large tumours, lymph node metastases and poorer prognosis in obese breast cancer patients than in lean ones. If hormonal mechanisms are important for these relations, they should probably act more strongly in patients with hormonal receptor positive tumours than in those(More)
Women who experience pre-eclampsia or hypertension during pregnancy may have a reduced risk for breast cancer later in life. The evidence is based on case-control studies, and here we report the results of a cohort study exploring the link between pre-eclampsia and gestational hypertension diagnosed in the first pregnancy and subsequent risk for breast(More)
BACKGROUND Accumulating evidence suggests that fetal growth restriction may increase risk of later schizophrenia but this issue has not been addressed directly in previous studies. We examined whether the degree of fetal growth restriction was linearly related to risk of schizophrenia, and also whether maternal pre-eclampsia, associated with both placental(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate gestational age-specific risks of fetal death in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia. METHODS Population-based cohort study comprising all singleton births (N=554,333) without preexisting chronic hypertension recorded in the Norwegian Medical Birth Registry from 1999 to 2008. Additional data come from a subset of preeclamptic(More)
BACKGROUND Variation in birth registration criteria may compromise international comparisons of fetal and infant mortality. We examined the effect of birth registration practices on fetal and infant mortality rates to determine whether observed differences in perinatal and infant mortality rates were artifacts of birth registration or reflected true(More)
In a series of 112 cases of breast carcinoma with metastases to the axillary nodes, the mean nuclear area (MNA) in the nodal tumour showed a relationship to survival time that was similar to that given by histological grading. Combination of the 2 measurements increases the possible use of the heterogeneity of the material, leading to a more individualized(More)
The aim of this study was to test the prognostic contribution of estrogen (ER) and progesterone (PgR) receptor status to an index consisting of the number of positive lymph nodes, the mean nuclear area of the breast cancer cells (MNA), and tumour diameter. This index is compared with a Danish index, which includes the same factors but uses histological(More)
STUDY QUESTION Is the risk of hypertensive disorders in pregnancies conceived following specific assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures different from the risk in spontaneously conceived (SC) pregnancies? SUMMARY ANSWER ART pregnancies had a higher risk of hypertensive disorders, in particular following cryopreservation, with the highest risk(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the risk of hyperemesis gravidarum (hyperemesis) according to whether the daughters and sons under study were born after pregnancies complicated by hyperemesis. DESIGN Population based cohort study. SETTING Registry data from Norway. PARTICIPANTS Linked generational data from the medical birth registry of Norway (1967-2006): 544(More)