Rollo Silver

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Early surgical repair of rotator cuff tears with a partial anterior acromionectomy is recommended as a means of minimizing a progression of symptoms and findings. It was more important to achieve adequate tension in the cuff tissues than to obtain a water-tight closure. Even patients with old complete tears may obtain good results from reconstruction of the(More)
An approach to library organization for block-structured languages is given that avoids corrupting such structuring with the introduction of &#8220;modules&#8221;, &#8220;units&#8221;, or &#8220;packages&#8221;. The scheme involves <italic>retentive block structuring</italic> and the preservation of partially compiled programs as <italic>compiler(More)
As nano-lithography technology improves, more companies and research groups have the capability to create nano-scale structures. Scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs) are commonly used to create these structures and evaluate them afterward. One difficulty is that these nano-structures are difficult to find on a centimeter-sized sample without very(More)
  • B. Damazo, J. Fu, +11 authors D. Wilmering
  • 2002
This report describes the accomplishments of the Nanomanufacturing of Atom-based Dimensional Standards Project, which operated as part of the National Advanced Manufacturing Testbed (NAMT), a program to research a wide range of leading edge technologies for manufacturing. As part of the NAMT vision, the Nanomanufacturing of Atom-based Dimensional Standards(More)
Word and category recognition was investigated in the context of other stimuli, where the semantic distance relationships among the stimuli were derived from multidimensional scaling. On each trial, three horizontal strings of letters were presented. In the word condition, a positive response was required when the three strings formed three words; in the(More)
1. Introduction. R concurrent algorithm for finding the fewest number of queens needed to "cover" the nxn chessboard, 1.~n~<8, is given here in the Modcap programming language. This algorithm is a straightforward generalization of a good serial algorithm and uses concurrency at two levels: $1MD and MIMD. The Hodcap language is well suited for coding this(More)
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