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One of the aims of modern microscopy is to quantify two-, three-, or even four-dimensional phenomena in biology, medicine, and material sciences. The requirements imposed on software by such data processing are exemplified by the design considerations of the IMAGIC-5 software system. This system includes facilities for multivariate statistical analysis of(More)
This paper presents a high accuracy stereo vision system for obstacle detection and vehicle environment perception in a large variety of traffic scenarios, from highway to urban. The system detects obstacles of all types, even at high distance, outputting them as a list of cuboids having a position in 3D coordinates, size and speed.
from Microsoft Research. 2 Proteus is a Greek sea god with the ability to change shape at will and predict the future. Abstract Many organizations envision web services as an enabling component of Internet-scale computing. A final vision of web s ervices is to realize a dynamic environment that identifies, composes and executes web services in response to a(More)
A new approach for the stereovision problem is presented, aiming to increase the accuracy of stereo reconstruction. The proposed method is edge-based and consists of the correlation of left and right contours, detected with sub-pixel accuracy. The steps of the stereo matching process are: segmentation of each contour into basic contours (strongly- and(More)
This paper presents a camera calibration method for far-range stereo-vision used for driving environment perception on highways. For a high accuracy stereovision system the most critical camera parameters are the relative extrinsic parameters which are describing the geometry of the stereo-rig. Experiments proved that even a few seconds drift of the(More)
A web service is a modular application that is published, advertised, discovered, and invoked across a network, i.e., an intranet or the Internet. It is based on a " software-as-services " model and may participate as a component of other we b services and applications. Binary and XML are two popular encoding/decoding mechanisms for network messages. Binary(More)
We investigate the optimal control of open quantum systems, in particular, the mutual influence of driving and dissipation. A stochastic approach to open-system control is developed, using a generalized version of Krotov's iterative algorithm, with no need for Markovian or rotating-wave approximations. The application to a harmonic degree of freedom reveals(More)
This work presents a 3D lane detection method based on stereovision. The stereovision algorithm allows the elimination of the common assumptions: flat road, constant pitch angle or absence of roll angle. Moreover, the availability of 3D information allows the separation between the road and the obstacle features. The lane is modeled as a 3D surface, defined(More)