Rolf Wettstein

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Spermatogenesis is a complex differentiation process which requires the coordinate synthesis of diverse stage-specific proteins. In attempting a large-scale identification and characterization of those proteins, we have made use of the recently described mRNA differential display method (Liang and Pardee, Science 257: 967-971, 1992). This method is based on(More)
The distribution of DNA in synaptonemal complexes of rat and mouse spermatocytes, and of chick oocytes was investigated by immunogold electron microscopy. Except for a few specific sites, DNA was not immunolocalized in the space between lateral elements of the complex. Some labeled fibrils connecting the lateral elements with the central element were(More)
An ultrastructural study has been made of spermatogenesis in two species of primitive spiders having holocentric chromosomes (Dysdera crocata, male X0 and Sergestria florentia X1X2O). Analysis of the meiotic prophase shows a scarcity or absence of typical leptotene to pachytene stages. Only in D. crocata have synaptonemal complex (SC) remnants been seen,(More)
In the course of increasing the energy efficiency, simplifying processes and providing new customer services, millions of smart meters will be rolled out during the next few years. Wireless personal area network (WPAN) technologies play a major role in the deployment of such systems. The ZigBee Alliance noted the big potential lying beneath smart energy(More)
The luminal surface ultrastructure of the mature mesonephric nephron in 18 day rabbit embryos was studied in order to classify the nephron segments and to compare them with their metanephric counterparts. The proximal tubule has two slightly different segments. Its brush-bordered cells, with lateral ridges and basal microvilli (revealed in disjoined cells)(More)
During mammalian spermatogenesis meiotic cell division and spermiogenesis occurs. Gene expression during this process is temporally regulated at the transcriptional and translational levels but the mechanisms are not well understood. In this publication we have investigated the synthesis of proteins in vitro to detect the proteins with a high metabolic(More)
Spermatogenesis is a process in the testis that involves meiotic cell division and spermiogenesis. The mechanisms of regulation and its associated proteins are mostly unknown. This publication shows the two-dimensional (2-D) gel electrophoresis protein map obtained from rat testis using nonlinear 3.5-10 immobilized pH gradients for the first-dimensional(More)