Rolf Sternberg

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The purpose of this study is to quantify and compare the publication and citation output of the biggest faculties of economics and social sciences in Germany. Various publication and citation measures based upon Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) data are used to explore the comparative strengths and weaknesses of ten academic fields at the named(More)
In the current paper, contemporary research that has examined the role of information processing in the context of leadership is reviewed and the implications of this research for application are discussed. Although the vast majority of the leadership literature has focused on external and observable outcomes, such as a leader's behaviors, the current paper(More)
This paper seeks to analyse the relationship between technology centres and high-tech regions in Germany. Although Germany’s national economy still enjoys a very high level of technological competitiveness, despite a slight downward trend, little is known about the existence of hightech regions and the causes of their coming into being. This paper will(More)
The Role of the Regional Milieu for the Decision to Start a New Firm: Empirical Evidence for Germany Although comprehensive data from official statistics on new firm formation and entrepreneurs starting a new business are lacking in Germany, we know from empirical studies that entry rates differ between regions, and that the propensity to become an(More)
In recent years entrepreneurship research has increasingly interpreted new firm emergence in the light of the context the potential or real founder is living and working in. This is especially true for university spin-offs, a type of new firms that gives rise to great hopes for policymakers and technology transfer institutions. The aim of this paper is to(More)
Nascent Entrepreneurs in German Regions: Evidence from the Regional Entrepreneurship Monitor (REM) Nascent entrepreneurs are people who are (alone or with others) actively engaged in creating a new venture and who expect to be the owner or part owner of this start-up. Given that newly founded firms are important for the economic development of nations and(More)
This paper focuses on the factors determining a region’s ability to produce Internet content and tries to identify relationships with the role of the same region in the national and global economy. The number of .de-domains is used to measure Internet content production, which serves as an indicator for the innovativeness of the regions in an emerging part(More)
The entrepreneurial dynamics within urban and rural areas are often assumed to be very different. This study explores the importance of individual creativity and the social network in both places regarding the probability of becoming an entrepreneur and of surviving the crucial three years after start-up. The results are based on longitudinal register data(More)
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