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A multiscale soil–landform relationship in the glacial-drift area based on digital terrain analysis and soil attributes
Understanding the linkages between structure and processes in soil landscapes involves analyses across several spatial and temporal scales. The transfer of information between scales requires the (1)Expand
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Forest cover changes in the Prignitz region (NE Germany) between 1790 and 1960 in relation to soils and other driving forces
Decadal to centennial land-cover changes are important drivers of many environmental issues, including biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles and, especially, the global carbon balance. In general,Expand
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The creation of geometric three-dimensional models of the inner ear based on micro computer tomography data
The modeling of the mechanical process of hearing requires an accurate geometrical model of the inner ear, which could serve as a basis for further mechanical modeling. Expand
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Kinetic analysis of the ozone processing of an unsaturated organic monolayer as a model of an aerosol surface.
It has been suggested that an organic aerosol containing unsaturated organic compounds at the surface would likely be processed by atmospheric ozone. The ozonolysis of oleic acid gives rise to theExpand
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Application of the concept of acoustic influence coefficients for the optimization of a vehicle roof
A parametric geometry based model of the roof is time harmonically excited. Expand
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Australian Cainozoic Bryozoa, 1: Nudicella gen. nov. (Onychocellidae, Cheilostomata): taxonomy, palaeoenvironments and biogeography
The new bryozoan genus Nudicella (Onychocellidae, Cheilostomata) is proposed to accommodate the common and widespread Australian Cainozoic cheilostome bryozoan Eschara clarkei Tenison Woods, which isExpand
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Membrane selectivity and biophysical studies of the antimicrobial peptide GL13K.
GL13K is a short (13 amino acid) antimicrobial peptide derived from the parotid secretory protein. GL13K has been found to exhibit anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities in physiological saltExpand
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Compliance profiles derived from a three-dimensional finite-element model of the basilar membrane.
A finite-element analysis is used to explore the impact of elastic material properties, boundary conditions, and geometry, including coiling, on the spatial characteristics of the compliance of theExpand
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Spirit of the hive
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Modeling of Casca ed Coplanar iscontinuities by t
Cascaded coplanar waveguide discontinuities with transverse dimensions in the order of some micrometers are analyzed by the mode-matching and generalized scattering ma- trix method. This approachExpand
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