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Color-coded computer graphics representations of the electrostatic potentials of trypsin, trypsin-inhibitor, prealbumin and its thyroxine complex, fragments of double-helical DNA, and a netropsin--DNA complex illustrate the electrostatic and topographic complementarity in macromolecule-ligand interactions. This approach is powerful in revealing(More)
We have used a combination of high throughput functional genomics, computerized database mining and expression analyses to discover novel human tumor suppressor genes (TSGs). A genome-wide high throughput cDNA phenotype screen was established to identify genes that induce apoptosis or reduce cell viability. TSGs are expressed in normal tissue and frequently(More)
Antibody single-chain Fv fragment (scFv) molecules that are specific for fluorescein have been engineered with a C-terminal cysteine for a directed immobilization on a flat gold surface. Individual scFv molecules can be identified by atomic force microscopy. For selected molecules the antigen binding forces are then determined by using a tip modified with(More)
To explore the analytic relevance of unbinding force measurements between complementary DNA strands with an atomic force microscope, we measured the forces to mechanically separate a single DNA duplex under physiological conditions by pulling at the opposite 5'-ends as a function of the loading rate (dynamic force spectroscopy). We investigated DNA duplexes(More)
A genome-wide phenotype screen was used to identify factors and pathways that induce proliferation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC). HUVEC proliferation is a recognized marker for factors that modulate vascularization. Screening "hits" included known proangiogenic factors, such as VEGF, FGF1, and FGF2 and additional factors for which a(More)
A variety of valuable therapeutic proteins are expressed in mammalian cells. Currently, rate-limiting for secretion of recombinant glycoproteins are activities in the secretory pathway of eukaryotic cells, i.e., folding and glycosylation of the naked polypeptide chain. In this paper we provide evidence that elevation of expression level alone is sufficient(More)
The low-temperature thermal expansion of CeCoIn(5) single crystals measured parallel and perpendicular to magnetic fields B oriented along the c axis yields the volume thermal-expansion coefficient β. Considerable deviations of β(T) from Fermi-liquid behavior occur already within the superconducting region of the (B, T) phase diagram and become maximal at(More)