Rolf Riethmüller

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The relationship between benthos data and environmental data in 308 samples collected from the intertidal zone of the Hörnum tidal basin (German Wadden Sea) was analyzed. The environmental variables were current velocity, wave action, emersion time (all of which were obtained from a 2-year simulation with a numerical model) and four sediment grain-size(More)
A basis to monitor erosion shear stress of tidal flat surfaces by means of optical remote sensing has been developed. Erosion shear stress and corresponding bio-geochemical parameters of different tidal flats were measured during five years in the Sylt/Rømø Bight in Germany. A significant dependence between the erosion shear stress and the benthic diatom(More)
Horizontal surface current fields were mapped in a tidal channel of the North Frisian Wadden Sea (Germany) measuring the Doppler frequency shift from scatterers on the rough water surface using dopplerized nautical X-band radar (RDCP, Radar Doppler Current Profiler) [1]. Data sampling from a moving boat allowed the nearly synoptic coverage of a some square(More)
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