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BACKGROUND Workers exposed to pigs can develop meningitis, sepsis or endocarditis due to infection with Streptococcus suis transmitted from pigs to man. AIMS To estimate the risk of these diseases. METHODS We used the Occupational Hospitalization Register (OHR) which holds information about occupation and hospital treatments for all adults in Denmark. A(More)
Propionibacterium acnes is a Gram-positive bacterium that is prevalent on human skin. It has been associated with skin disorders such as acne vulgaris and progressive macular hypomelanosis (PMH). Here, we report draft genome sequences of two type III P. acnes strains, PMH5 and PMH7, isolated from PMH skin lesions.
Progressive macular hypomelanosis (PMH) is a skin disorder that is characterized by hypopigmented macules and usually seen in young adults. The skin microbiota, in particular the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, is suggested to play a role. Here, we compared the P. acnes population of 24 PMH lesions from eight patients with corresponding nonlesional skin(More)
We report two cases of asthma among mink workers. The first case is about a mink farmer who had asthma that was difficult to treat. In the medical history there was no clear relation to work, and no conclusive work relation with peak flow monitoring. He had a positive histamine release test to mink urine. The second case is about a mink farm worker, who had(More)
The combination of pelvic fractures and intestinal injuries occured in 0.05 % in all the patients of our hospital. Apart from pelvic fractures we found injuries of the urine bladder and urethra in 14 %, of the small intestine in 6 %, of the large intestine in 5 % and 3 % vascular lesions. 75 % of the injured patients are males. Morbidity and mortality rates(More)
A 55-year-old carpenter developed pleurisy with pleural effusion on the right side in 2000 and on the left side in 2003. No known causes of pleurisy were found. He had been occupationally exposed to asbestos during a 6-month-period in 1971 while working with roof sheets made of asbestos cement. In the literature there is evidence of asbestos being a cause(More)
Asbestos fibres is the only known cause of malignant mesothelioma (MM). The risk of MM is increased also by low and brief exposure. MM has a latency of 20-50 years. We report two cases of MM who were exposed to asbestos during do-it-yourself roof renovation including cutting and drilling in roof sheeting containing asbestos. A detailed occupational history(More)
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