Rolf Meermann

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In this study comparing 41 eating disorder patients and 34 female controls, the video distortion technique was used to test the accuracy of body size estimation and to assess the ideal body image. No difference was found in the estimation of actual body sizes, although the accuracy of estimation was quite variable in both bulimics and anorexics. With regard(More)
The significance of the disturbed body image as a psychopathological phenomenon in anorexia nervosa patients is quite evident to clinicians. It appears to be difficult, however, to assess this disturbance in a more objective way. The studies on body image perception discussed here make use of objective psychometric methods of measurement: image marking(More)
OBJECTIVE Given the lack of maintenance interventions for eating disorders, a program delivered via the short message service (SMS) and text messaging was developed to support patients after their discharge from inpatient treatment. METHOD The efficacy of the intervention was studied in a randomized controlled trial. Additionally, its impact on the(More)
The purpose of the present study was to assess body perception in eating disorders and its meaning in therapy. A total of 44 patients, 25 bulimia nervosa and 19 anorexia nervosa, admitted at a specialized in-patient treatment center participated in the present study. Body size estimation procedures (video-distortion and image-marking techniques) and(More)
After its first description in 1873, anorexia nervosa seems not to have attracted much attention in countries of German language. Compared to French and English literature, German publications on the subject were rather scarce in the 19th century. This article gives an overview of those writings and an explanation of the lack of interest on the part of the(More)
Keywords: Life stress Stressful life events Depression Burnout ICD-10 diagnosis a b s t r a c t Objective: Depression and burnout are two psychopathological labels that have been subject to an extensive discussion over the last decades. The crucial question is whether they can be seen as conceptually equal or as two distinct syndromes. One argument for the(More)
Recent technological developments of communication media offer new approaches to diagnostic and therapeutic interactions with patients. One major development is Internet-based primary prevention in vulnerable individuals not yet suffering as well as the development of new therapeutic approaches for affected individuals based on the experiences of guided(More)
In this study, the influencing factors of different durations of in-patient therapy were examined. We investigated 1173 patients with anxiety disorders who were treated in the psychosomatic clinic of Bad Pyrmont with behavioural therapy. Patients with anxiety disorders have an average treatment duration of 52.4 days with a minimum of less than one week and(More)