Rolf Lammering

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An explicit expression for the group velocity of wave packets, propagating in a laminate anisotropic composite plate in prescribed directions, is proposed. It is based on the cylindrical guided wave asymptotics derived from the path integral representation for wave fields generated in the composites by given localized sources. The expression derived is(More)
Lamb wave propagation in fiber-reinforced composite plates is featured by a pronounced directivity of wave energy transfer along the fibers from a point surface source. In the case of non-point (sized) source, the main lobe of radiation diagram may turn with frequency up to the orthogonal to the fibers direction. This effect has been theoretically studied(More)
The observation of surface wave propagation is investigated with regard to possible application in quality assurance and fault detection. In solid media surface waves such as Rayleigh or Lamb waves indicate faults and damages due to phenomena like reflections and mode conversions. In order to visualize the surface displacement fields the Pulsed Electronic(More)
The proper fabrication of concrete-embedded tracks is a prerequisite for their long-term durability and their economic efficiency. Frequent defects which are caused either during fabrication or during operation are (partially) debonding between the pre-fabricated sleepers and the site-mixed concrete. This paper deals with the Pulse-ESPI-Technique as a(More)
The paper is devoted to theoretical and experimental investigations of Lamb wave excitation and propagation in multilayered carbon fiber-reinforced plastic plates with obstacles. The theoretical modeling is performed in the context of general linear elasticity for three-dimensional laminate anisotropic media. It is based on the integral and asymptotic(More)
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