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In typical liquid surface acoustical holography systems, a<lb>small tank (minitank) contains the imaging fluid. A thin membrane<lb>separates the imaging fluid from the main tank in which the acoustic<lb>object is immersed. It is<lb>usually assumed that this membrane<lb>is acous-<lb>tically transparent. The inertial reactance of the membrane can(More)
A rectangular dielectric semiconductor waveguide is theoretically investigated by transverse mode matching methods. In an experiment the resistivity of the semiconductor material is changed by illuminating with a GaAs laser beam. Depending on the configuration and intensity of the light spot the waveguide behaves like a termination or a short. This effect(More)
  • Rolf Karg
  • 1975 5th European Microwave Conference
  • 1975
By recording and reconstructing several microwave holograms of the same object at different frequencies, and superposition of the complex amplitude of the reconstruced images in an appropriate manner, the resolving power can considerably be improved. Experiments in the 8-12 GHz region are presented with simple objects. The reconstruction is done numerically(More)
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