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— The Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) combustion concept lacks direct ignition timing control, instead the auto ignition depends on the operating condition. Since auto ignition of a homogeneous mixture is very sensitive to operating conditions, a fast combustion timing control is necessary for reliable operation. Hence, feedback is needed and(More)
Control of orthograde posture and use of adaptive adjustments constitutes essential topics of human movement control, both in maintenance of static posture and in ensuring body stability during locomotion. The objective was to investigate, in twelve normal subjects, how head, shoulder, hip and knee movements and torques induced towards the support surface(More)
— This paper looks at the problem of estimating the coefficients of a continuous-time transfer function given samples of its input and output data. We first prove that any n n nth-order continuous-time transfer function can be written as a fraction of the form n n n k k k = = = 0 b b b k k k L L L k k k (s)= (s)= (s)= n n n k k k = = = 0 a a a k k k L L L k(More)
— The traditional way of controlling an industrial robot is to program it to follow desired trajectories. This approach is sufficient as long as the accuracy of the robot and the calibration of the workcell is good enough. In robotic assembly these conditions are usually not fulfilled, because of uncertainties, e.g., variability in involved parts and(More)
We propose here a new procedure for output feedback design for systems with nonlinearities satisfying quadratic constraints. It provides an alternative for the classical observer-based design and relies on transformation of the closed-loop system with a dynamic controller of particular structure into a special block form. We present two sets of sufficient(More)