Rolf Isermann

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-The supervision of technical processes is the subject of increased development because of the increasing demands on reliability and safety. The use of process computers and microcomputers permits the application of methods which result in an earlier detection of process faults than is possible by conventional limit and trend checks. With the aid of process(More)
For the improvement of reliability, safety and efficiency advanced methods of supervision, fault-detection and fault diagnosis become increasingly important for many technical processes. This holds especially for safety related processes like aircraft, trains, automobiles, power plants and chemical plants. The classical approaches are limit or trend(More)
-For the early detection and localization of small Pl P3 P,-3 Pa-t leaks in pipelines a nonlinear adaptive state observer and a i I I I I I special correlation technique were developed, based on pressure ~ , . . . . I I and flow measurements at the pipeline inlet and outlet. Simuqo q2 q,-z Ch lations and experiments show the results for a gas and a liquid(More)