Rolf Haugen

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A six-channel moderate-bandwidth filter instrument for measurement of UV and visible radiation has been developed. The characteristic of the instrument are described, including the spectral and the angular responses. Furthermore the calibration procedure is outlined. Combining information from several channels, one may determine the total ozone-column(More)
This paper reports some results of a long-term work in application of AI techniques whose ultimate goal is the development of tools for resource scheduling. Most of the efforts so far have been devoted to crew scheduling in railways and the resulting tool is called CREWS. CREWS contains the basic knowledge for crew scheduling, remains constant across(More)
In an attempt to eliminate the hazards of homologous blood transfusions during major orthopedic surgical procedures, 1672 patients donated 6615 units of autologous blood in a ten-year period. Most of the blood components were stored frozen. The autologous units were later used in 1938 surgical procedures. Intraoperative blood salvage yielded 125,105 mL of(More)
A graphic and statistical comparison of major trends in tree ring indices representative of interior Alaska, northern Urals, northern Scandinavia, and Labrador indicates a highly significant correlation for most 50-year intervals between 1650 and the present. This is suggestive of similarities in trends of summer temperature on a circumpolar scale.
The large-scale use of frozen red cells and washed red cells in this transfusion service has not been effective in reducing post-transfusion hepatitis. Seventy-eight per cent of 31,125 transfusions, excluding platelets and plasma, were given in the form of frozen or washed red cells. These transfusions were associated with 56 cases of hepatitis. In 37(More)