Rolf Engmann

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We introduce a notion of business problem frames, categorizing the type of IT requirements problems found in organizations, as opposed to Jackson’s problem frames which describe a problem in terms of the solution to that problem. A survey of students’ projects showed that this a viable notion. We intend to build a case base of business problem frames, and(More)
In 1980 the research project TUBA (Tools for User-friendly Business Applications) was started, which yielded the TUBA system, an integrated set of tools for the generation of business-oriented software. Several aspects of the TUBA system have been reported in the literature. The present article discusses the architecture of the TUBA system. A more extensive(More)
In this paper, we present domain-oriented architectural design heuristics for production control software. Our approach is based upon the following premisses. First, software design, like all other forms of design, consists of the reduction of uncertainty about a final product by making design decisions. These decisions should as much as possible be based(More)
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